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Custom Plastic Pipe and Extruded Piping

Lakeland Plastics offers Custom Plastic Pipe and Extruded Piping from a variety of thermoplastic materials in a number of unique shapes including round, square, rectangle, triangle and other multi-sided designs. As a leading custom plastic piping and extruded piping manufacturers, we serve customers in a range of industries including point-of-purchase, lighting, refrigeration, building and construction, automotive, industrial, consumer products, electronics, water treatment and telecom.

Custom Plastic Piping & Pipe that Meets your Requirements

We have a plastic piping extrusion solution for any industry, and our dedicated team of extrusion specialists will work with you to custom-create and fabricate to your unique specifications.

Lakeland Plastics has been manufacturing custom pipe, tube and rod extrusion products, in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, since our company was established in 1962.

We have tooling available to produce most pipe and tube diameters up to 2” and have the capacity to extrude custom plastic piping up to 6” diameter. We have the ability to produce solid plastic rods up to ¾” in diameter.

Your Trusted Source for Pipe and Piping Extrusion Products

Custom piping extrusions are not limited to simple, round shapes. Lakeland has the ability to extrude a variety of unique shapes, including ovals, squares, rectangles and triangles, as well as other multi-sided shapes, in an almost endless choice of colors and wide variety of sizes.

Our pipe and piping extrusion products can be manufactured from a wide range thermoplastic materials that we use, including PVC, acrylic, polyethylene, ABS and more. An infinite variety of colors as well as custom color matching and clear materials are also available.

In addition to the manufacturing of extruded pipe and piping, Lakeland also offers a variety of secondary operations, such as deburring, drilling, punching and other fabrication services as required – flexible piping and tubing such as flexible PVC and polyethylene can be coiled or spooled if required.

Plus, no matter what your custom tubing extrusion needs are, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest level of customer service and support from our knowledgeable, friendly staff that’s prepared to provide you with a prompt quote today.

custom pipe | custom piping | custom plastic piping | custom plastic pipe | extruded pipe