Plastic Extrusion Fabrication

Plastic Extrusion Fabrication Services

Lakeland Plastics offers a number of Plastic Extrusion Fabrication services, including in-line and off-line finishing processes. Some of the fabrication capabilities that Lakeland offers are punching, routering, notching, slitting, coiling, drilling, riveting, printing, assembly, packaging and much more.

Finishing and Secondary Operations

Lakeland Plastics is equipped with a range of in-line and off-line notching, punching and drilling equipment. Some fabrication services like simple punching can oftentimes be done right in-line, saving time and money. More extensive plastic extrusion fabrication services like elaborate CNC routering can be done offline on our large CNC Routering machine.

Printing of your company name or product number, as well as other information, can be done inline with our offset wheel printer.

Some jobs require detailed assembly of multiple components along with instruction sheets and pre-packaged in re-shipper cartons for drop shipments. Lakeland has the manpower and experience needed to handle custom assembly and packaging jobs, small or large.

Other in-line and off-line fabrication processes for plastic extrusions such a punching, notching, drilling or angled cutting offer cost-effective methods for the preparation of your custom extrusions for their final use or next stage of processing.
Whatever fabrication steps your plastic extrusion job may require, contact a Lakeland Plastics Sales Engineer today for a prompt quotation.

Lakeland Plastics is one of America’s premier Plastic Extrusion Companies specializing in top quality, precisely engineered custom plastic extrusion for virtually any industry. In addition to our high quality custom extrusion of plastic profiles, rods and tubes, we also provide technical and support services which include, Design Engineering, Plastic Extrusion Tooling, Fabrication Services as well as 3D Printing.

For those of you familiar with our tradition, thank you for your support and continued interest in the evolution of our company. For those of you that are new to our company or are searching for the best Plastic Profile Extrusion Company for your project needs, welcome to the family and we would consider it a privilege to work with you.

Plastic Extrusion Fabrication Services