Custom Plastic Extrusion

Custom Plastic Extrusion – Profiles and Shapes

Lakeland Plastics is composed of a team of industry veterans and experts in custom plastic extrusion – this talented group of highly trained and experienced professionals is what sets our company apart from all others.

Because we have been in business since 1962, our clients can feel confident in knowing that we have the knowledge, ability and experience to solve problems and find the best way to meet and exceed their expectations. That’s because Lakeland focuses on client satisfaction. Sure, we have the latest and greatest technology, the best employees in their field as well as an array of products and services that are second to none in custom extrusion, but Lakeland prides itself on customer service and satisfaction.

We Specialize in Custom Plastic Profile Extrusion

Lakeland has an extrusion solution for every application. That’s because plastic extrusions are all we do. At Lakeland Plastics we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and ensuring the process and end result are second to none.

We’ve been doing it right since 1962 and are confident that your project will benefit from our in-depth experience in:

Plastic Profile Extrusion

Lakeland can extrude profiles up to 18” in width and almost any shape your designer or engineers can create. From tiny channels to wide panels.

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Crosshead Extrusion Coating

Lakeland has been crosshead coating for over 50 years and can coat conduit, pipe, wire, dowels, chain, rope and more in PVC, Polyethylene or Nylons.

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Rod and Tube Extrusion

Lakeland can extrude tubing up to 6” in diameter and rods up to ¾”. We have stock tooling for most tubing sizes up to 2” and can make sizes up to 6”.

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Co-Extrusion & Tri-Extrusion

Lakeland can incorporate 2 or 3 different raw materials or multiple colors into your custom plastic extruded part. Living hinges and multiple colors or stripes are typical uses for this process.

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ArmorBond is Lakeland Plastics exclusive process for crosshead coating of vinyl over steel tubing – this permanent vinyl coating extruded over steel will not peel, crack or chip off.

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Lakeland Plastics is one of America’s premier Plastic Extrusion Companies specializing in top quality, precisely engineered custom plastic extrusion for virtually any industry. In addition to our high quality custom extrusion of plastic profiles, rods and tubes, we also provide technical and support services which include, Design Engineering, Plastic Extrusion Tooling, Fabrication Services as well as 3D Printing.

For those of you familiar with our tradition, thank you for your support and continued interest in the evolution of our company. For those of you that are new to our company or are searching for the best Plastic Profile Extrusion Company for your project needs, welcome to the family and we would consider it a privilege to work with you.

Custom Plastic Extrusion