Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing

Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing Process

Plastic extrusion manufacturing is a process in which a thermoplastic raw material, usually in the form of pellets, is melted and formed, under pressure, into a continuous shape or profile. The plastic extrusion manufacturing process produces a variety of items such as custom plastic profiles, extruded rods and tubes, piping, edges, molding, specialty plastic coatings and multi-material extrusions known as co-extrusions and tri-extrusions.

Extruded products can be used as-is, or they can be fabricated into more complex assemblies by punching, routering, drilling, printing, de-burring and other techniques. Extruded plastic products can provide a cost effective solution to your product fabrication and assembly needs.

Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing Capabilities

As a top custom plastic profile extruder we are capable of manufacturing virtually any plastic profile imaginable, from extremely simple and intricately complex shapes in a variety of commodity and engineering grade materials such as High Impact Polystyrene, Rigid and Flex PVC, ABS, Acrylic, Polypropylene, High and Low Density Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Elastomers and many other thermoplastic extrusion materials.

We also excel in the design and manufacture of co-extrusions and tri-extrusions. Lakeland can incorporate 2 or 3 different raw materials or multiple colors into your custom plastic extruded part. We also provide a variety of finishing and secondary operation to meet all of your production needs including in-line and offline fabrication – punching, routering, drilling, printing, de-burring and product assembly are just some of the fabrication processes that Lakeland Plastics can provide.

Lakeland Plastics is one of the leading plastic extrusion companies, serving clients with custom and standard plastic extrusions since 1962. Over our many years in business, we have developed a stellar reputation for providing exceptional quality profile extrusions and unsurpassed customer service. We believe in providing superior craftsmanship and we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and ensuring the process and end result are second to none.

With 9 primary production lines and 4 co-extrusion lines Lakeland has the capacity to handle any order from small prototype trials to large production runs. Our full in-house tool room ensures that we have control of the process from start to finish. Our extrusion lines can handle plastic profiles up to 18” wide and plastic tubes 6” in diameter, which we can cut to length or fabricate as required.

Our centralized Midwest location, near Chicago, is ideal for shipping and handling.

Lakeland Plastics is one of America’s premier Plastic Extrusion Companies specializing in top quality, precisely engineered custom plastic extrusion for virtually any industry. In addition to our high quality custom extrusion of plastic profiles, rods and tubes, we also provide technical and support services which include, Design Engineering, Plastic Extrusion Tooling, Fabrication Services as well as 3D Printing.

For those of you familiar with our tradition, thank you for your support and continued interest in the evolution of our company. For those of you that are new to our company or are searching for the best Plastic Profile Extrusion Company for your project needs, welcome to the family and we would consider it a privilege to work with you.

Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing